Double KD! [DAL OKC]


Last night, Kevin Durant had an incredible game-winning 3 pointer against the Mavs. The shot came from well beyond the arc, with pretty much only a second left on the clock. KD did his thing. Dirk, however, did not. On the inbounds pass, Dirk should have been doubling so someone other than KD would be forced to take the shot. Also, what is Haywood doing in the paint?! His man, Perkins, is setting a screen up at the top, but Haywood is standing idle in the lane … he has to be up there, chest to chest with the Perkulator! Come on man.

We know the Thunder only have a couple real offensive weapons, and in a situation like that (1.4 seconds), it was guaranteed to be a catch and shoot attempt. And we all knew Durant would get the ball. I understand that it’s important to make it difficult for player passing the ball in, but in a final possession like that, the defense has most of the control, and the Mavs D gave Durant that shot.