Where’s the Help D? [CHA-MIA]


I wanted to take a quick minute and discuss what Charlotte did wrong in the final possession of last night’s game against Miami. Gerald Henderson picks up Wade close to five feet beyond the arc. Henderson forces Wade to his left, but there is absolutely no help there. Corey Maggette, for some reason, sticks to LeBron at the left baseline, essentially making Henderson’s ‘force-left’ futile. We keep hearing stats about LeBron not taking any 3’s so far; well, Corey, you should have helped on the drive and forced LeBron to take his first long ball of the season. Wouldn’t you rather have that as opposed to a one-on-one drive by Wade?

‘Three-hundred-and-sixty, behind my back
I take your monkey ass to the rack like Jerry Stack’
Charlie 2na – ‘The Game’