Bynum’s 20/20 Game

“The fans get tacos, but Andrew Bynum gets the whole enchilada” – Ernie Johnson

While we continue to hear rumors of Dwight Howard wanting out of Orlando, young ‘Drew keeps doing his thing.  Now, let’s not compare Bynum to any other great big man the Lakers have had, because to be honest, he plays nothing like any of them, and has a long way to go before being mentioned in their levels (which is why I refuse to use any of their names in his post).

However, if the last few games are any indication to what Bynum’s potential is, then there is definitely tons of hope for the next generation of LA basketball.  He’s always had it in him though. Go back to the 09 season and check the 5 games right before he got injured:

42/15 on 71%
23/14 on 67%
15/11 on 40% (bad night)
24/14 on 71%
17/15 on 67%

We know the kid can play, he just has to stay healthy.

But what surprised me most about last night’s game was the reaction from LAL fans: Bynum > Dwight all of a sudden.


Please, it was one game.  He had one 20/20 game, Dwight has had 33.  These types of games should be expected, not salivated over. I’m not taking credit away from Bynum, not at all, but just pointing out that overreacting over one game against a team with no inside threat is childish.  Let’s not let Bynum’s offensive potential distract us from his health concerns and on a side note, Dwight’s presence on defense/rebounding.  Disclaimer: I’m not saying we should trade for Dwight, but appalled that, all of a sudden, fans are lying to themselves that they wouldn’t do the trade if offered.

I’ve been a huge supporter of Bynum since his rookie year, and cringed every time the big fella went down.  Finally it seems that he’s able to stay up, and that hope is definitely putting a smile on all our faces.  LA does have its January game against Memphis this Sunday, historically the injury-game for ‘Drew. Please, oh please don’t let anything happen.

[Kobe & Bynum last night]:

58 Points at 50%
30 Rebounds (Bynum with 22)
6 Assists (all KB24)