Noah to Deng [Game Winner]

All game, I kept getting texts from a close friend of mine complaining about how the Bulls were playing.  I decided to tune in during the 4th quarter, and boy was it a completely different story. Derrick Rose took charge down the stretch, and refused to let the Bulls lose.

After trailing 38-26 at half-time and by as much as 19 in the third quarter, the Bulls made their charge behind Rose. He erupted for 17 of his 30 points in the final portion, including a driving layup off the glass over Josh Smith, putting Chicago ahead, 74-73 with 9.9 seconds left.

‘I just have to take over sometimes,’ Rose said. ‘I’m just trying to win.’

In the following possession, the refs once again interfered for absolutely no reason, and gave Al Horford 2 free throws. Making only one, Atlanta squared at 74-apiece, setting the stage for a beautiful play set up by Coach Thibs.

The ball gets passed in to Noah (2:19 mark of video).  At this point, we see Rose and Deng brush screen off each other, with everybody and their sisters thinking Rose is about to get the ball.  Deng slips by, Noah makes the pass, gametime.  It was a beautifully designed play with Rose as the decoy.

‘We knew they were going to overplay Derrick,’ Deng said. ‘They both went with him and Joakim made an unbelievable pass.’