McGrady on ‘practice’

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“I’m just not a great practice player,” McGrady said. “That’s what I wasn’t. I was a gamer. You put me in a game and the lights are bright and the stands are filled. That’s just what I was. But you practice, get up and down and do this. That wasn’t my thing.

“The crazy thing about it is… there’s a lot of players like that. People are so scared to really voice who they are. They want to be politically correct. Just scared to see what other people’s perceptions are… When you have God-given talent, I think that that kind of hinders your practice habits and that’s what I think it did to me. Had I not been so talented, I probably would have busted my (butt) in practice.”

I guess that’s the difference between the truly great ones, and the really good ones: effort and hard-work. Maybe if he practiced, he would have made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs.