Bacardi on Trade Rumors

I’m gonna run through a bunch of trade rumors, and will give a few now.

Eric Gordon – SG New Orleans Hornets – NOT TRADED

Do I believe EG will be starting next season for the NOLA? No, he’s on his way out. With the refusal to sign the extension (believed to be 4 years 60 million), EG is showing his interest of playing in a new town. I’m not sure if he hates New Orleans or doesn’t believe he can win with the hornets (he can’t), but I believe he’s heading to Indiana. I don’t think this will happen during this season, I don’t believe we’ll see a lot of trading due to the brevity of the offseason. What I imagine happening is EG being in a sign n trade from Dell Demps and the hornets to Indiana for a crew of players. Players that could be included (also draft picks) would be Paul George, George Hill, Darren Collison“Psycho T” Tyler Hansborough, maybe Lance Stephenson or AJ Price. Another bonus could be that the Pacers might be in a position of power if EG only wants to play for them. He could hold the Hornets hostage and demand a trade to the Pacers (somewhat like what happened when the Pistons got peanuts back for Grant Hill in 2000). EG could wind up getting something like a 5 year/75 million contract. For those who might wonder why he would want to go to Indiana? He’s from there and would be a great fit for that team. Having a young nucleus of Granger/Hibbert/Gordon and either Collison or George Hill would automatically make the Pacers a top 3 team in the East.

How bout this (ignore the fact that the trade machine says it doesn’t work, it would):

Chris Kaman – C New Orleans Hornets – TRADED

Kaman could end up being the biggest name traded during this season. With a bloated salary of 14 million in the last year of his contract, he will be an option to a lot of teams either looking to rid salary cap or get a solid back up big man. Teams that COULD be interested include the Pacers, Heat, Mavs, Celtics, and the Rockets. The Hornets would probably want draft picks or young players with potential, but shouldn’t expect much. Maybe the Rockets would be willing to give up Thabeet or Jordan Hill (two big men who ended up being lottery busts). Pacers would be an interesting option, if you haven’t figure out I’m really high on this Frank Vogel team.

Dwight “D12” Howard – C Orlando Magic – NOT TRADED

If your Otis Smith and sitting with the East’s 6th best record and quickly falling out of contention, you got to trade your big man right? I’m not sure Otis will get enough value for the league’s most dominant player (yes Lebron, Dwight holds that title). Sure, you’ll hear fans of certain teams attempting to rationalize a potential trade for Dwight, but c’mon guys the Lakers/Knicks/Nets and whomever wouldn’t be able to offer enough to get him. Sure, an offer like Pau and Bynum for Dwight and Hedu would be tempting, but would Otis Smith really take them up on that offer? Pau, while having a great season, is 31 and is now in his 12 NBA season. He will go downhill fast once it happens (example Tim Duncan). And why would you want Bynum? Sure he’s playing great, by far the league’s 2nd best center, but he habitually ends up in the training room each season and misses around a third of your team’s games. How about the Bulls? Wouldn’t Dwight make a great fit in Thibadeau’s defense? He would be a magnificient fit, but if you’re running the bulls you would have to cripple your team’s chemistry and probably trade Noah, Deng, and possibly one of your back up bigs for Dwight. Would it be worth it? Absolutely, but I’m not sure you sink your team’s chances mid season. Ultimately, if I’m Otis and holding Dwight, I’m gonna keep him until the summer, see how the playoffs pan out, try to acquire anyone who would interest Dwight into staying, and if all else fails get him to sign an 5 year extension and trade him for as much as you can get. My honest opinion is that Dwight either goes to Brooklyn to play for the Russian-owned Nets alongside Deron Williams, or he goes to Dallas to play for Cubes, Dirk, and newly signed and Dallas native Deron Williams! So basically, Deron Williams holds all the pieces to this D12 puzzle in my opinion.

Kenyon Martin – PF/C Los Angeles Clippers

Lets be honest, K-Mart signed with the Clips because they offered the most money. Will he be a solid fit off the bench? Time will tell, but I guess he is a bargin as someone who will play tough defense and will provide back up in case Deandre Jordan or Blake get a little too foul crazy. I wouldn’t want to rely on him too often as he’s injury prone and has vastly declining skills, but overall good signing.

The Break-up of the Big 3/4 – The Demise of the Celtics

Stories of the decline of the Boston Celtics have been greatly exaggerated by jealous Lakers fans. Are the Celtics declining? Yes. Do they still believe in Unbuntu? Probably not after the Perkins trade. Should Danny Ainge clean house and try to get value for his aging stars? In this competitive day and age, I believe so. The question is, is what can you get for your old stars? I think you got to keep Rondo now that Cp3 is off the market, he’s the most unselfish defensive-minded PG in the league and someone stars would want to play with. What could you do with Ray? A lot of teams would be interested in him as he’s remained healthy over the past few seasons and is still a viable scoring option and shooting specialist. There would be heavy interest, maybe Danny could end up getting a nice bounty of draft pics or young talent. Below are some potential trades:

Potential 3 way trade involving the Nets and Bucks (Stephen Jackson is rumored to want to go to Nets, who would use him to attract Dwight).

(Celtics buy out Ersan who wants to go home and play in Turkey)

How about KG? Could be a nice veteran presence to have in the locker room. KG is in the last year of his contract, but I don’t know what contending team would want to bring him in and potentially bring him off the bench. He doesn’t seem like the guy who would be interested in that. Anyways, since I love the trade machine, I’ll throw one out there. You know what, I tried and failed to send KG to the Sixers… Maybe a reunion in Minny could be an option.

(ok, this trade would never happen. Ainge wouldn’t want it, it would screw the potential cap space he’s tried to create, and KAAAAHN would give up half his team to do so.)

How about Pierce? In all honesty, this is the part of the big three I would least expect to be traded. Ainge is a fairly un-loyal GM (ex. PERK!), but Pierce’s contract doesn’t do him any favors. With 2 years and 30 something left, a desperate team would be the only suitor. The rumor being thrown out there places Pierce in a Lakers uniform. Could that happen?

This would be an absolutely atrocity for the Celtics to commit. They would take back too many horrible contracts, but it’s the only deal that would make sense from the laker’s point of view. I’ve accepted it, Paul will not be traded.


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