Super Bowl 2012 Predictions

We’re less than 24 hours away from watching some pretty dope commercials! In case you’re like our experts and actually care about football, take a look at some of their thoughts and predictions.

Colin Kennedy: NYG 24 NE 20

This game comes down to the Patriots ability to stop the Giants offense. The main focus of the game as of right now is the now famous NASCAR package of the G-Men’s d-line and their ability to rush the passer. Yeah, I get it, they got great pass rushers and can put pressure on Thomas. You know what though, Thomas is always cool under pressure. AND now he’s super pissed because he lost the last superbowl he was in, and he wants to take his frustrations out against Tommy Coughlin (he would never take his anger out on his wifey Gisselle, hot damn). I have no doubt that the Giants will score a few TDs, look for Eli to have a easy night without much pressure coming against him and being able to throw to Manningham (who will most likely be guarded by WR and former Kent St QB Julian Edelman). I figure Eli will have 280 yards, 2 TDs.The Giants have by far the better rounded offense, so look for the Bradshaw Jacobs connection to gain around 120 yards and a TD. I think the Giants will probably end up with 5 or 6 sacks and a fury of disruptions on pour Thomas. Like I said before, this game comes down to the Pat’s defense and if they can stop the Giants offense. This game will be won on the last possession, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that Pat’s D. This isn’t the old dominating D’s with Seymour, Bruschi, Vrabel, McGinest, or Law. You got guys like Edelman, Sergio Brown, Mark Anderson.. C’mon! With that being said, I feel like Thomas will be able to pass for nearly 370 yards and 3 TDs, but that rush attack won’t due him any favors. The only hope for the Pats will be if they are able to establish a rushing attack with Law Firm, run a lot of no-huddle to keep the NASCAR package on the field in rushing situations (their achilles’ heel) and to tire them out, and then they got to have a healthy Gronk. Gronk just had the best statistical TE year of all time, Gronk wants to play. Gronk will play. Gronk is crazy, crazy caveman.

Do I feel bad about picking against Thomas? Yes. Are the Giants the one team in the NFC I would pick over the Pats (yes, even over the Pack!)? Yes. This Giants team is getting a ton of steam, I feel like this game will be low scoring until midway thru the 3rd, then all of the sudden both offenses will wake up. I feel like it’ll be a repeat of last time, the Pats will score in the 4th to take the lead, but Eli will lead the G-Men down the field and will hit Hakeem Nicks FTW (probably not the correct use of that abbreviation). Deep down, I’m rooting for the Pats and hope I’m wrong. While my heart is in NE (with the Celtics and Sox), my mind is telling me to go with G-men.

Akash Pandey: Let me be straight: I don’t care for either of these teams. I would rather spend a week with Tim Tebow on a missionary-style getaway than relive the calamity that was the NFC championship game. If the past three NFL seasons have shown anything, it’s how dominant the NFC has been. The Saints and Packers, winners of the past two Super Bowls, were commanded this year by 2 recent SB MVPs who-new rules aside-made all other QBs in history pale in comparison (statistically at least). And yet, two weeks ago, neither of them, both arguably in their “primes”, were in the NFC championship game. And I’m supposed to be happy that the Niners made it this far. Okay I need to stop fuming about our inability to close out our biggest home game in 10 years so let me talk about tomorrow for a minute.

Eli is playing at a high level and the Giants are coming off of an ’07-like road tear. However, football games come down to breaks and I just cannot see Brady making the critical mistakes down the stretch to lose this game. Let’s not forget that the Giants beat the Pats this year by not allowing Brady to get a drive in at the end. Plus, in the 8 Super Bowls that have been rematches of a regular season game the team on the losing end has won 7 of 8. I also cant shake the fact that Brady is a dude who, even after 3 rings, still uses his plummet on draft day as motivation. You telling me the loss in 08 doesn’t still sting? Pats 27-24


Rohan Bhatia: The rematch. Sort of. Only 20 players on the current rosters of the Patriots and Giants played in the Tyree Bowl four years ago, but two of the most important ones, the Eliminator and the Tominator (credit to awkward Sports Center segment from a few days ago for that gem), are part of that group. Eli is playing lights out and has been all year, with what has been statistically the best campaign of his career. And Brady is Brady. Both offenses are potent, with the Patriots sporting the deadly tight end duo of Hernandez and Gronk, and the G-Men countering with what could very well be the best wide receiving corps in the league, led by the tandem of perpetual salsa machine Victor Cruz and the physical specimen Hakeem Nicks. The Giants also have a formidable two-headed running attack in Bradshaw and Jacobs, who together have the ability to wear down the front 7 of a defense as the game carries on.On the defensive side of the ball, the Patriots have turned what looked to be by far the worst defensive unit in the league around mid-season into a serviceable, opportunistic group that has played relatively well in its two playoff games (albeit against Lord Tebow and Bipolar Flacco). The Giants, on the other hand, have the scariest defensive line in all the land, and essentially send four defensive ends out there to annihilate opposing O-lines. That is area where I think this game will be won: the battle in the trenches between the Giants D-line and the Pats O-line. Tom Brady, as good as he is, can be made to look mortal when the opposing pass rush gets to him with consistency over the course of a game. We saw it earlier in the year when the Bills (remember when they were 4-1?) got to Brady and forced him into some errant passes, leading to a 0 TD, 4 INT game. Now, I’m not saying that if the Giants do manage to get pressure on Brady he’ll have a game like he did against the Bills, but he certainly won’t be the surgical passing machine we have become accustomed to seeing over his illustrious career. He’ll try to throw ball into tight windows that he usually can hit, and in doing so will force the issue in a few moments where he would be better off taking a sack or throwing the ball away. I think the Giants D-line, with all that athleticism and skill, will manage to get to the Patriots’ revered signal-caller, and because of that I’m giving them the slight nod in this contest. Final Score: Giants 27 Patriots 24


Rohit Ghosh: Hmm, what can I really add that hasn’t been said? As far as the game goes, I can accurately predict that one of the two teams will win and to me it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t basketball. I’m no expert on the topic, but here’s my prediction anyway: Pats 31-24
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