Derek Fisher signs with Thunder

On Wednesday, Fisher signed with the Thunder for the remainder of the season, soon after being traded to Houston by the Lakers and soon after bough out of his contract with the Rockets.

The Lakers franchise has consistently been the most successful one in this league’s history, and the reason behind it has been the team’s ability to adapt and evolve.  The Lakers have been lucky, sure, but they’ve made their own luck by being smarter and one step ahead. With the new CBA in effect, this move was made to make LA not only better, but also save some money. In a league run by quick, athletic guards, LA needed an upgrade at the PG spot, and it came at the cost of Derek Fisher.

Fisher was due to earn $3.4 million next season under the terms of his contract with the Lakers.  Fisher just got a bit too old, and subsequently, very ineffective. As a basketball player, Derek Fisher is just bad. I wish I could phrase that in a nicer way, but it’s true. He’s slow and at times, useless on defense, and is one of the most ineffective starters on offense. And, even after saying all that, he’s the only player, even in those circumstances, in the league who could be a positive influence on his team. His value came through things the stat sheet couldn’t measure: being the only one able to stand up to Kobe, taking a charge to stop a fast-break, or even just being the ‘good-guy’ to Kobe’s ‘bad-guy’ routine on the team. Heck, we might not even have a season right now if it wasn’t for Derek Fisher.

He picked jersey No. 37, the same as his age, and subsequently, took a slight shot at his old team.

“Especially this season, it seemed to be a negative thing that I was 37,” Fisher said after scoring five points in 19 minutes in Oklahoma City’s 114-91 win over the Clippers.

Over here at Metta Chronicles, the Fisher trade was a surprise, but he should provide OKC with the playoff experience they were lacking…the only thing they were lacking. It should be interesting to see how a rejuvenated Fisher will do in OKC; there won’t be any issues with pride and respect, like there was in LA, and his role as a back-up to Westbrook works perfectly.

So, when the Lakers and Thunder face off next Thursday, is there finally going to be a Thunder PG the Lakers can guard? Or will Fisher take a sip from the fountain of youth down there in OKC and be the final piece for a Thunder championship? …

Kobe said Wednesday night that he will have no problem treating Fisher like an opponent on the court.

“Look, we don’t get five championships by being sympathetic towards each other and kissing each other’s [a–] during the game,” Bryant said Wednesday when asked about the Lakers’ game against the Thunder next week. “I’m going to demolish him. He understands that. If he switches off on me in the post, there’s going to be problems. I’m sure he’ll put an elbow right in my back, and that’s why we love each other.”

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