Predicting The Regular NFL SEASON

This one will be a doozy, but I’l attempt to see who’ll make the playoffs. I’ve predicted each team’s regular season record, and if there are any mistakes, shoot me i’m too tired to fix anything. This took me over 2 hours and will be voided in a little more than a week when the draft comes!


1. New England: 13-3

2. Houston Texans: 12-4

3. Baltimore Ravens: 11-5

4. Denver Broncos: 10-6

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-5

6. New York Jets: 9-7

AFC West:

Denver: vs PIT (W), @ ATL (W), vs HOU (L), vs OAK (W), @ NE (L), @ SD (L), vs NO (W), @ CIN (W), @ CAR (L), vs. SD (W), @ KC (L) vs TB (W), @ Oak (W), @ BAL (L), vs CLE (W), vs KC (W): 10-6

San Diego: @ OAK (L), vs TEN (L), vs ATL (W), @ KC (W), @ NO (L), vs DEN (W), @ CLE (W), vs KC (W), @ TB (L), @ Den (L), vs BAL (L), vs CIN (W), @ PIT (L), vs CAR (W), @ NYJ (W), vs OAK (L): 8-8

Oakland: vs SD (W), @ MIA (W), vs PIT (L), @ DEN (L), @ ATL (L), vs JAX (W), @ KC (W), vs TB (W), @ BAL (L), vs NO (L), @ CIN (L), vs CLE (W), vs DEN (L), vs KC (W), @ CAR (L), @ SD (L): 7-9

Kansas City: vs ATL (L), @ BUF (L), @ NO (L), vs SD (L), vs BAL (W), @ TB (L), vs OAK (L), @ SD (L), @ PIT (L), vs CIN (W), vs Den (W), vs CAR (W), @ CLE (L), @ OAK (L), vs IND (L), @ DEN (L): 4-12

AFC South:

Houston: vs MIA (W), @ JAX (W), @ Den (W), vs TEN (W), @ NYJ (W), vs GB (W), vs BAL (W), vs BUF (W), @ CHI (L), vs JAX (W), @ DET (L), @ TEN (W), @ NE (L), vs IND (W), vs MIN (W), @ IND (W): 13-3

Tennessee: vs NE (L), @ SD (W), vs DET (L), @ HOU (L), @ MIN (W), vs PIT (L), @ BUF (L), vs IND (L), vs CHI (W), @ MIA (W), @ JAX (W), vs HOU (L), @ IND (W), vs NYJ (L), vs GB (L), vs JAX (W): 7-9

Indianapolis: @ CHI (L), vs MIN (W), vs JAX (W), vs GB (L), @ NYJ (L), vs CLE (W), @ TEN (W), vs MIA (W), @ JAX (L), @ NE (L), vs BUF (W), @ DET (L), vs TEN (L), @ HOU (L), @ KC (W), vs HOU (L): 7-9

Jacksonville: @ MIN (L), vs HOU (L), @ IND (L), vs CIN (L), vs CHI (L), @ OAK (L), @ GB (L), @ DET (L), vs IND (W), @ HOU (L), vs TEN (L), @ BUF (L), vs NYJ (L), @ MIA (W), vs NE (L), @ TEN (L): 2-14

AFC East:

New England: @ TEN (W), vs ARZ (W), @ BAL (L), @ BUF (W), vs DEN (W), @ SEA (W), vs NYJ (W), @ STL (W), vs BUF (W), vs IND (W), @ NYJ (L), @ MIA (W), vs HOU (W), vs SF (L), @ JAX (W), vs MIA (W): 13-3

New York Jets: vs BUF (W), @ PIT (L), @ MIA (W), vs SF (L), vs HOU (L), vs IND (W), @ NE (L), vs MIA (W), @ SEA (W), @ STL (L), vs NE (W), vs ARZ (W), @ JAX (W), @ TEN (W), vs SD (L), @ BUF (L): 9-7

Buffalo: @ NYJ (L), vs KC (W), @ CLE (W), vs NE (L), @ SF (L), @ ARZ (L), vs TEN (W), @ HOU (L), @ NE (L), vs MIA (W), @ IND (L), vs JAX (W), vs STL (W), vs SEA (W), @ MIA (L), vs BUF (W): 8-8

Miami: @ HOU (L), vs OAK (L), vs NYJ (L), @ ARZ (L), @ CIN (L), vs STL (W), @ NYJ (L), @ IND (L), vs TEN (L), @ BUF (L), vs SEA (W), vs NE (L), @ SF (L), vs JAX (L), vs BUF (W), @ NE (L): 3-13

AFC North:

Baltimore: vs CIN (W), @ PHI (W), vs NE (W), vs CLE (W), @ KC (L), vs DAL (W), @ HOU (L), @ CLE (W), vs OAK (W), @ PIT (L), @ SD (W), vs PIT (W), @ WAS (W), vs DEN (W), vs NYG (L), @ CIN (L): 11-5

Pittsburgh: @ DEN (L), vs NYJ (W), @ OAK (W), vs PHI (W), @ TEN (W), @ CIN (L), vs WAS (W), @ NYG (L), vs KC (W), vs BAL (W), @ CLE (W), @ BAL (L), vs SD (W), @ DAL (L), vs CIN (W), vs CLE (W): 11-5

Cincinnati: @ BAL (L), vs CLE (W), @ WAS (L), @ JAX (W), vs MIA (W), @ CLE (L), vs PIT (W), vs DEN (L), vs NYG (L), @ KC (L), vs OAK (W), @ SD (L), vs DAL (W), @ PHI (L), @ PIT (L), vs BAL (W): 7-9

Cleveland: vs PHI (L), @ CIN (L), vs BUF (L), @ BAL (L), @ NYG (L), vs CIN (W), @ IND (L), vs SD (L), vs BAL (L), @ DAL (L), vs PIT (L), @ OAK (L), vs KC (W), vs WAS (L), @ DEN (L), @ PIT (L): 2-14


1. Green Bay: 13-3

2. San Francisco: 12-4

3. New York Giants: 11-5

4. New Orleans Saints: 10-6

5. Chicago Bears: 11-5

6. Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6

NFL West:

San Francisco: @ GB (L), vs DET (W), @ MIN (W), @ NYJ (W), vs BUF (W), vs NYG (W), vs SEA (W), @ ARZ (W), vs STL (W), vs CHI (W), @ NO (L), @ STL (L), vs MIA (W), @ NE (W), @ SEA (L), vs ARZ (W): 12-4

St. Louis: @ DET (L), vs WAS (W), @ CHI (L), vs SEA (W), vs ARZ (W), @ MIA (L), vs GB (L), vs NE (L), @ SF (L), vs NYJ (W), @ ARZ (L), vs SF (W), @ BUF (L), vs MIN (W), @ TB (L), @ SEA (L): 6-10

Arizona Cardinals: vs SEA (W), @ NE (L), vs PHI (L), vs MIA (W), @ STL (L), vs BUF (W), @ MIN (L), vs SF (L), @ GB (L), @ ATL (L), vs STL (W), @ NYJ (L), @ SEA (L), vs DET (W), vs CHI (L), @ SF (L): 5-11

Seattle:@ ARZ (L), vs DAL (L), vs GB (L), @ STL (L), @ CAR (L), vs NE (L), @ SF (L), @ DET (L), vs MIN (W), vs NYJ (L), @ MIA (L), @ CHI (L), vs ARZ (W), @ BUF (L), vs SF (W), vs STL (W):  4-12

NFC South:

New Orleans: vs WAS (W), @ CAR (L), vs KC (W), @ GB (L), vs SD (W), @ TB (W), @ DEN (L), vs PHI (W), ATL (W), @ OAK (W), vs SF (W), @ ATL (L), @ NYG (L), vs TB (W), @ DAL (L), vs CAR (W): 10-6

Tampa Bay: vs CAR (W), @ NYG (L), @ DAL (L), vs WAS (W), vs KC (W), vs NO (L), @ MIN (W), @ OAK (L), vs SD (W), @ CAR (L), vs ATL (W), @ DEN (L), vs PHI (L), @ NO (L), vs STL (W), @ ATL (W): 8-8

Atlanta: @ KC (W), vs DEN (L), @SD (L), vs CAR (W), @ WAS (W), vs OAK (W), @ PHI (L), vs DAL (W), @ NO (L), vs ARZ (W), @ TB (L), vs NO (W), @ CAR (L), vs NYG (L), @ DET (L), vs TB (L): 7-9

Carolina: @ TB (L), vs NO (L), vs NYG (L), @ ATL (L), vs SEA (W), vs DAL (L), @ CHI (L), @ WAS (L), vs DEN (W), vs TB (W), @ PHI (W), @ KC (L), vs ATL (W), @ SD (L), vs OAK (W), @ NO (L): 6-10

NFC East:

New York Giants: vs DAL (W), vs TB (W), @ CAR (W), @ PHI (L), vs CLE (W), @ SF (L), vs WAS (L), @ DAL (L), vs PIT (W), @ CIN (W), vs GB (L), @ WAS (W), vs NO (W), @ ATL (W), @ BAL (W), vs PHI (W): 11-5

Philadelphia: @ CLE (W), vs BAL (L), @ ARZ (W), vs NYG (W), @ PIT (L), vs DET (W), vs ATL (W), @ NO (L), vs DAL (W), @ WAS (W), vs CAR (L), @ DAL (L), @ TB (W), vs CIN (W), vs WAS (W), @ NYG (L): 10-6

Dallas: @ NYG (L), @ SEA (W), vs TB (W), vs CHI (L), @ BAL (L), @ CAR (W), vs NYG (W), @ ATL (L), @ PHI (L), vs CLE (W), vs WAS (W), vs PHI (W), @ CIN (L), vs PIT (W), vs NO (W), @ WAS (L): 9-7

Washington: @ NO (L), @ STL (L), vs CIN (W), @ TB (L), vs ATL (L), vs MIN (W), @ NYG (W), @ PIT (L), vs CAR (W), vs PHI (L), @ DAL (L), vs NYG (L), vs BAL (L), @ CLE (W), @ PHI (L), vs DAL (W): 6-10

NFC North

Green Bay: vs SF (W), vs CHI (W), @ SEA (W), vs NO (W), @ IND (W), @ HOU (L), @ STL (W), vs JAX (W), vs ARZ (W), @ DET (L), @ NYG (W), vs MIN (W), vs DET (W), @ CHI (L), vs TEN (W), @ MIN (W): 13-3

Chicago: vs IND (W), @ GB (L), vs STL (W), @ DAL (W), @ JAX (W), vs DET (W), vs CAR (W), @ TEN (L), vs HOU (W), @ SF (L), vs MIN (W), vs SEA (W), @ MIN (L), vs GB (W), @ ARZ (W), @ DET (L): 11-5

Detroit: vs STL (W), @ SF (L), @ TEN (W), vs MIN (W), @ PHI (L), @ CHI (L), vs SEA (W), vs JAX (W), @ MIN (L), vs GB (W), vs HOU (W), vs IND (W), @ GB (L), @ ARZ (L), vs ATL (W), vs CHI (W): 10-6

Minnesota: vs JAX (W), @ IND (L), vs SF (L), @ DET (L), vs TEN (L), @ WAS (L), vs ARZ (W), vs TB (L), @ SEA (L), vs DET (W), @ CHI (L), @ GB (L), vs CHI (W), @ STL (L), @ HOU (L), vs GB (L): 4-12