BREAKING NEWS: Erving Walker Pays $301 for a Taco

This just in, recent Florida Gator basketball player Erving Walker was ordered to pay a $301 fine for stealing a taco from a street vendor. The incident occurred on March 30th, almost a week after Walker led Florida on a cinderella-esque run through the NCAA tournament, which ultimately ended in a elite-8 loss to Louisville.

The incident, as described on ESPN claims that Walker mislead a street vendor then fled the scene once he received his Mexican treat. After local police yelled at Walker to stop, Walker led the cops through a wild goose hunt. Walker was eventually apprehended peacefully and was charged with petit theft and resisting arrest.

Being the legal eagle that I am, Walker had a great court case. I observed that he would most likely be able to plea down to a lesser crime, most likely having a pay a small fine and potentially some community service. In the end, Walker pleaded no contest to the petit theft charge and had the resisting arrest dropped. Walker ended up having to pay a $301 fine which is due by September 27th of this year.

I feel bad for Walker. Florida’s all-time leading assist man probably had a little too much to drink and got hungry. Who doesn’t love street vendor tacos at 1 am? I have had plenty of experiences in this field, and I’m assuming the cart was probably packed with hungry gators Walker probably thought he could innocently take one taco. However, Walker was wrong, and this prove that student athletes (no matter their importance or size) can’t steal tacos. According to Walker, he was “It was just a silly mistake… (I was) just playing around.” My advice to Walker: don’t do the crime unless you’re willing to do the time, snitches end up in ditches, and run faster next time. I sure hope that street taco was delicious, cause $301 is a lot to pay for some Mexican food.