Howard Won’t Play for Van Gundy

Yay, Dwight Howard finally found a go to move…

complaining to management.

Earlier in the week (Monday), reports came out from Orlando that Dwight Howard no longer wanted to play for head coach Stan Van Gundy. New details came out yesterday (courtesy of David Pingalore of Orlando’s Local 6 Sports), suggesting that Howard called Magic Owner Rich DeVos to state that he will no longer play for coach Stan Van Gundy. BTW, I do think Stan was wrong in making his comments public; he had an issue with Dwight going to management, Stan should have also kept it in-house. With that said, Dwight is still a bi*ch.

Through sources that have direct knowledge of the conversation, it was leaked that the call was taken in the DeVos suite at Amway Center by DeVos sometime during the Magic’s game with the Atlanta Hawks. Howard is still upset with Van Gundy, confirming the previous report this month where Howard went to Magic front-office asking for Van Gundy to be fired. Plus, sources confirm the call came after Dwight visited LA to get a second diagnosis for his back.

hahah @ Howard calling an 86 year old man during a game to talk about the coaching situation, when supposedly his back is killing him. This is some good stuff. 

Blah. All this just seems like a horrible, horrible situation down in Orlando. SVG is a good coach, just caught in a bad situation. I also don’t think Dwight is a bad person, but is handling this very poorly. Dwight and SVG haven’t gotten along well for years, but that never stopped them before from being a force in the East.  When I look at the team, and see guys like Jameer and Ryan Anderson enjoy playing for their coach, I have to point much of the blame at Dwight. There’s not much more analysis at this point, other than realizing that no franchise should ever hand an individual player too much control.

Stories like this make the NBA look like a joke. NBA stars have so much control over their franchise, and this aspect, primarily, is keeping the league behind the NFL.  If the NBA structured contracts like the NFL, Howard would be cut in a split second and sent on his way. Okay, maybe not in a split second, but you get my point. NBA money is guaranteed, allowing a star player to not only make constant demands, but also hide behind them.

Orlando management let this go on for too long. If they knew long ago that Dwight and SVG weren’t the best fit, a decision should have been made proactively, rather than reactively.

I wish Rich DeVos had the cajones to blow up the entire organization. Trade Dwight and the other unfavorable contracts (ex. Hedon’t Turkoglu), fire Stan Van Gundy, let Otis Smith take a road trip and be buddy-buddy again with Gilbert Arenas in Memphis … just tear it all down and rebuild. Get high draft picks or star players in return, move forward from this Dwightmare. It would just be agonizing to watch your favorite team slowly march toward mediocrity and in such a public fashion.

What happens realistically? … With Howard probably spending next season with Orlando after waiving his opt-out clause, seems to be that Van Gundy will be the odd man out. He seems okay with it, understands the situation and has accepted whatever fate may be handed to him. I, too, would not be opposed to getting out of a situation where my inevitable demise was on the horizon.

What do you think about this story? Will Howard come out of this drama with an image worse or better than LeBron did?