KD @ the casino

After the Clippers whooped on OKC last night (92-77) in Los Angeles, the Thunder took a flight to Phoenix to prepare for their next game. The team was given an off-day on Tuesday, and KD took the most of it. The MVP candidate, rather than brood over the loss, went to a casino.


Kevin Durant stayed out until 5 AM, and through Instagram, let everyone know exactly what he was up to.



No big deal, yeah?  In my opinion, athletes are allowed to do whatever they want when they don’t have any team obligations. As mere fans and critics, we are in no place to judge another person’s actions. Of course, I wouldn’t want someone on my team taking a day off to snowboard and possibly injure themselves (ala space cadet Vlad Rad). But I think KD taking some time to himself to get his mind off a loss is just fine.


If LeBron James or Dwight Howard had done the same thing, however, and posted a photo talking about gambling … would the reaction be different? Let’s not be naive. Of course it would have been different. I would have come here and posted about LeBron not having enough focus or something down that line, taking advantage of the opportunity to bring down LeBron in any way possible.


We don’t need to run away from the truth. The media (and fans too) picks favorites. Guys like Durant and Rose seem untouchable (for now), while anything from the likes of a Melo, LBJ, or D12 would cause a more volatile public disapproval.


Completely objectively, this shouldn’t even make the news; NBA players are humans, and each individual can do whatever they’d like. We just hope it’s in the best interests of the team.


What do you think? …