Bacardi & Pirozzi Fast Break: The Dwight Mess

This is a BRAND NEW column for Metta Chronicles. When the time calls for it, Colin (Bacardi) and Rohit (Pirozzi) will do an email exchange on a hot topic to give insight to our thoughts on the subject. 

Our first topic is the Dwight Howard situation which has increasingly become complicated in the last day. Here’s our transcript:

Colin: So two huge pieces of news came in yesterday, the first was reported by you as supposedly Dwight Howard refuses to play for Stan Van Gundy, and the 2nd was that Dwight would get immediate back surgery and would miss the rest of the regular season. While the Magic are locked into a playoff spot at the moment, I can safety say that they don’t stand a chance regardless of whom they’ll play in the first round (they’re scheduled to play the Pacers). Reporters and analysts have jokingly claimed that whoever plays the Magic in the first round will be receive a bye and will automatically face the Bulls or the Heat. With the Magic’s seasons pretty much over at this point, the question must be raised: Has Dwight quit on his team or do you really
think he’s this hurt and can’t continue. And if he has quit, who’s to blame: Dwight, Stan Van Gundy, or Management?

Rohit: I’d give most of the blame to management, and split the rest between Howard and SVG. I don’t think Dwight necessarily quit on the team. The question I have is if he wasn’t in need of surgery, and healthy, would he play for Coach Van Gundy? With that said, I think the issue here boils down to management not handling things proactively. Dwight shouldn’t have so much influence! And SVG should have kept things in house and not spoken to the media. But I side with him if I had to choose one side, he’s been put in a bad situation. How much does all this affect Dwight’s trade value?

Colin: For me, I have to blame Dwight. He’s uncontrollable, first with all the wavering back and forth whether he wanted to be traded or remain in Orlando. It’s management’s fault that he was given too much power, but his ego is out of control. Do I think Dwight is injured? Yes, and I do believe the surgery was necessary but it just feels too fishy. If he wasn’t going to miss Team USA and the Olympics this summer, I’d say this

Who's really coaching the Orlando Magic?

stinks of a Coup d’état to get rid of his coach. I’m not really quite sure why Dwight wants to get rid of Ron Jeremy 2.0, he’s by far the best coach he’s had while in the NBA. Does this hurt Dwight’s trade value? Not really, he’s still the most dominant player in the league and one of only a handful of players that will guarantee your team a playoff spot (the others being Lebron and Chris Paul, Kobe’s
not even on the list). The question is, will Otis Smith trade him over the summer or will Otis Smith even have a job. I can easily see the Orlando owners cleaning house and starting fresh, but I just hope they don’t give too much power to Dwight. What do you think Pirozzi, do you say they trade him and if so what’s his trade value?

Rohit: Like I wrote in my post earlier (Link that post), I think DeVos should fire Otis but I read on a Orlando Sentinel post that the DeVos family is comfortable and confident in Van Gundy and Otis Smith. So, if they’re there, seems like Dwight will be traded. To who? That’s what I cant really figure out. Right now, Dwight’s being looked at as immature … But let’s not forget he’s still the second best Center in the league (I got you ‘Drew). Trading Dwight is the only way to get rid of all this drama and lessen the chaos down in Orlando.

What you say? … your Celtics could use him.

Colin: The celtics could definitely use him, but the problem would be we would have nothing to trade for him. KG and Ray Allen come off our books this summer leaving us plenty of cap, but our only trade pieces would be Rondo and Avery Bradley and we would have to at least give up both to get Dwight. While we have 1st round picks, they will both be at the end of round 1 thanks to us currently having the 4th seed and the Clippers having the corresponding seed in the Western Conference. However, just because he can’t be traded to the Celtics doesn’t mean he can’t be a Celtic in the future. Dwight becomes a free agent in the summer of 2013, and the Celtics should have plenty of open cap to sign him then.

But what about now, say if the Magic get serious and want to trade him when they can get a ton of value instead of loosing him in free agency (think of the Nuggets trading Carmelo vs. Cavs & Raptors loosing Lebron and Bosh for nothing)? Here are a few potential trades:

Dwight & Hedo to the Hawks for Josh Smith & Al Horford:

Rationale: The Magic look to unload dwight and actually get two really good young players in return. The Hawks fear losing Smith in the summer and feel like they can convince Dwight to stay, but they would probably require Dwight to sign an extension upon arrival in his hometown.

Dwight goes to Milwaukee for Brandon Jennings, Drew Gooden, Luc-Richard Mbah a Moute, Epke Udoh

Rationale: Don’t listen to ESPN and their trade machine, this would be legal over the summer. The bucks may want to get rid of Brandon Jennings as he said he’ll probably leave once he has the opportunity,and they may feel like they can win right now with Monta in the fold. Orlando would get young talent for their future.

Dwight goes to Broolyn for Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow and sign n trade Kris Humpries plus picks

Rationale: Can’t do this on ESPN trade machine as 70% of the nets team is ineligible as they have expiring contracts this offseason but it’s noted that Dwight wants a big market to play in, and what’s bigger than being the face of the franchise in Brooklyn. He would only sign an extension if the Nets can convince Deron William to stay (don’t count on it). Nets might also have to add MarShon Brooks.

Pirozzi, what do you think. Where’s Dwight going if he does intact go. Does this injury hurt him?

Rohit: I like the Hawks trade idea you had. Out of those ones, that one makes the most sense to me. But that whole Brooklyn Nets thing could work, if the right dominoes start falling (Deron Williams coming back). Dwight is supposed to be back in approximately 4 months, so for now, I don’t really see this injury being a long term deterrent. Looking to the future, the Magic need to make sure this circus doesn’t repeat. Clear the air, make the necessary changes, and move forward. Enough with this trash.

Any final thoughts on your part ?

Colin: Ultimately, this is what I believe will happen:

Stan Van Gundy will be fired after the Magic are eliminated, Otis Smith will follow him out the door as he has built a crappy team with cap problems and this Dwight “situation”. I think the best solution is to remove all of the front office and start with a clean slate. The GM would have no alliance with Dwight and would be able to make his own conclusion on what he should do with him. I believe the Magic will keep Dwight thru the summer in the hopes of wooing him. While these personnel changes would look like they’re catering to their superstar’s demands, in actually it’s what has to be done. SvG can never coach Dwight again, and I think he’ll actually have trouble finding a big head coaching job (no superstar will want to have him as their coach after the crap he pulled last week).

With Otis Smith and Van Gundy out, I think the new GM will wait until midseason to make a decision on whether or not to trade Dwight. If the Magic are playing well, they may keep him but if they flounder and are stuck in the middle of the pack, expect a trade. Its sad, I think this entire mess will result with everyone being out in Orlando and at this point all parties are to blame.

Bacardi & Pirozzi OUT