Why Bill Parcels could become the next GM of the Saints…


courtesy of Bleacher Report


As you may remembered, just 2 weeks ago coaching great Bill Parcels was considering becoming the Saints interim Head Coach with Sean Payton suspended. He ultimately decided to pass on the opportunity, and the Saints named Joe Vitt as their acting coach.

However, with the breaking news that GM Mickey Loomis may have been been in severe rules violation by his eavesdropping of opposing teams at the Superdome. With bountygate and these allegations (if proven to be true), I don’t see why Tom Benson would keep him around, why just get rid of him now as he’ll be suspended?

I’ll go a step further, why not bring in Sean Payton’s mentor to act as a football czar? He would obviously work well the the coaching staff and could help establish the defense identity (perhaps a move to the 3/4?). It could take awhile for the NFL to gather evidence, as these are just allegations from Outside the Lines.

I say that you can get rid of him now and it’ll look like the right thing to do. You can then go out and bring in one of the smartest football minds of all time. It’s a win-win, that is if Parcels would take it. But I wouldn’t see why not, it could be a similar situation to when he was the football czar in Miami.