2012 NFL Draft Analysis Cheat Sheet with Live Updating

I will continue to update this as the draft goes on. This will be an expanded from my twitter and is to offer more instant analysis:

UPDATE 19: 8:07

Well this draft has gone by quickly, a little over 3 hrs. The Giants are about to pick, Gruden thinks they’ll take another weapon for Manning. I’m still thinking 0-line due to the loss of McKenzie.

Nope, wrong again. The Giants just selected RB David Wilson from Va Tech. This makes sense, but I still think it’s early for Wilson. They could have moved down 10 spots and he would still be available. While they lost Brandon Jacobs this offseason after releasing him, Wilson is a very different back. Jacobs was a ground-n-pound style, not a ton of speed, while Wilson is fast and can be gone if he reaches the outside. Curious to me, they drafted a raw prospect from Maryland in RB Da’rell Scott last season and he showed his ability in returns last season.

Well, that wraps up the 1st round. I got one more update coming, but this will be the last of the Cheat Sheet. Follow tomorrow for more updates! Thanks for reading.

Update 18: 7:57

The Bucs just traded up with the Broncos to take RB Doug Martin. Martin is a good all-purpose RB, a great compliment to short yardage back Lagarette Blount. This Tampa team will be intersting, Martin reminds me a little of Ray Rice (whom new Tampa coach Greg Schiano had at Rutgers).

The Giants are on the clock. Do they go O-line in Jonathon Martin or Mike Adams, two late-1st tackles? Or do they replace departed Kevin Boss with TE Coby Fleener from Stanfurd. Perhaps they go with another DE as they’re currently trying to trade Osi….

UPDATE 17: 7:51

The Vikings took S Harrison Smith from Notre Dame. I was hoping the Packers would trade down to the beginning of the 2nd and draft him to replace the recently released Nick Collins, but I’m glad he went somewhat high to the Vikings. He’s good, but I don’t think he’ll ever be an elite S (only draft a safety in the 1st if you think he’ll be elite).

The 49ers just took AJ Jenkins from Illinois to further help Alex Smith. interesting selection, I would have thought they go with TE Coby Fleener due to his familiarity in that Harbaugh Offense and give Smith another safety valve. Regardless, Jenkins is a safer prospect than other WRs like Stephen Hill or Brian Quick. He’s more polished but his upside isn’t as high, but perhaps the 49ers see him as a number 3 or 4 option longterm in San Francisco. 2 Picks left, should be interesting the Bucs just traded up for…

UPDATE 16: 7:41

word of advice, don’t trust twitter people! someone tweeted that GB had traded the pick to Baltimore, maybe it was a joke, but I don’t find that funny at all… Still, the Packers drafted OLB Nick Perry from U$C which I really dig! Great pick for the Pack, he’s someone who’s got plenty of speed and can cause havoc on opposing QBs opposite fellow former trojan Clay Matthews.

Baltimore is actually now on the clock, I’m still thinking Konz but they could go with a WR like Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech.

Just announced that Baltimore has traded the pick to Minnesota, taking the Ravens out of the 1st. I hope the vikings wiff on this pick, hopefully CB Janoris Jenkins. I don’t think Jenkins has handled success well and is a huge character concern, but maybe they improve on C John Sullivan and take Konz. Perhaps someone on the d-line, they weren’t able to replace DT Pat Williams. Ravens pick up a 4th for trading back, good move.

Picks in… the Vikes take S Harrison Smith from Notre Dame. A good prospect, but not a 1st round talent, more of a middle of round 2.

UPDATE 15: 7: 38

Cincy goes Kevin Zeitler from Wisconsin, a good guard prospect. I’m surprised that his linemate C Peter Konz didn’t go before him, but Zeitler had been mocked as high as 24 to Pittsburgh. Zeitler will help this o-line.

GB! On the clock…. and we take… oh no, a trade! to Baltimore, I’m thinking they’re taking Peter Konz. Let’s see…

UPDATE 14: 7:28

Texans take OLB Whitney Mercilus from Illinois, the NCAA sack leader for 2011. I’m not a huge fan of Mercilus, but he may be good value here after loosing Mario Williams. I’m still not sure why everyone thinks the Texans need to severely upgrade the OLB, they have young guys in Brooks Reed and Connor Barwin who played well once Williams was lost for the season.

Cincy’s on the clock next, I’m thinking Cordy Glenn from Georgia as they need to improve their o-line. GB’s after… but I expect a trade.

UPDATE 13: 7: 23

So Cleveland is taking QB Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma St. I actually like Weeden despite his age, he’s mature, has a gun of an arm, accurate, and has a high football IQ. I’m just surprised they’re gonna give up on Colt McCoy already, I think he could be a good QB in the league, he reminded me of Drew Brees because of his size and accuracy coming out of college. But Weeden will now have weapons in Richardson along with more offensive players coming in future rounds. I really think they could have waited until their 2nd round pick to take Weeden, but I guess like the Broncos & Tebow 2 years ago, they needed him.

Chris Berman is now saying that Kendal Wright was Cleveland’s guy at 22, but had to call an audible once the Titans unexpectedly took him at #20. Get ready for a QB competition in cleveland, at least they have a good offensive minded coach in Pat Shurmur.

After Cleveland and Weeden, Lions expectantly went the best OT with all quality corners off their board. Reiff is a good selection, will help their line and protect Stafford. Steelers, which many thought (including myself) would go after talented ILB Dont’a Hightower from Alabama to fill Farrior’s role. However, they took their BPA by taking Decastro and protecting Big Ben.

New England just traded up to the 25th pick, jumping ahead of the Texans to select Hightower. Bellichick continues to revamp his defense, I’m surprised they used two 1st round picks as they usually trade back. I’m curious to see who’ll be their starting linebackers in the 4/3. Jerod Mayo at WLB, Hightower at SLB and Brandon Spikes at MLB? In the 3-4, they’ll be nasty when you add Chandler Jones as OLB.

UPDATE 12: 7:10

Wow, I was wrong about Tennessee, but they just took WR Kendal Wright from Baylor. Surprise pick. I didn’t they needed another WR with young guns  Kenny Britt, Damian Williams & Lavelle Hawkins.

Cincy traded the pick to New England for Chandler Jones. Jones, who had been mocked in the teens, is a perfect fit for the Patriots in their hybrid defense that was formerly a 3-4 but now goes with a lot of 4-3 looks. They have to replace Mark Anderson who signed with the Bills for $20 million, I think Jones will start from day 1. Jones will help the Pats get more pressure on opposing QBs. I don’t know which 1st rounder they gave up, I expect it’s the one they got from New Orleans but I’ve been wrong before.

Cleveland is now on the clock, I’m thinking they’ll give McCoy more weapons. Either they’ll give him Decastro (why hasn’t he gone yet! he’s a perennial all-pro in the mold of Steve Hutchinson)… Wait, just heard they’re taken Weeden. Wow, more to come

UPDATE 11: 7:00

San Diego takes the best player available and someone who’ll help their defense in Melvin Ingram. I wish the Packers had traded up to get him…

In other news, the Bears take OLB/DE Shea McClellin from Boise St. I’m happy, I don’t think he’ll become a great defensive end outside of Peppers for them.

I still don’t understand why Decastro is still on the board. I think Tennesse got to get him here, they need more interior o-linemen.

UPDATE 10: 6:47

with the way the draft was going, I thought I would miss a bunch of picks, apparently I was wrong! No trades for awhile, let’s see if things change with elite prospects still on the board.

Cincy took CB Dre Kirkpatrick. I feel like he’s somewhat of a reach, he didn’t have a ton of production but was playing in an elite defense at Alabama. I personally would have opted for G David Decastro from Stanfurd to help the o-line and provide protection for Andy Dalton and the RB they’ll draft in the 2nd.

San Diego is now on the clock, the pick is in. I’m think Decastro.

UPDATE 9- 6:37

My computer is slowing down, I’ll have to restart, I’ll be back around picks 19-21. Check the @mettachronicles twitter for more updates

UPDATE 8- 6:31

Wow, Pete Carroll and the rest of the Seattle Front Office just laid the biggest surprise of the 1st round. Potentially reaching for West Virginia DE Bruce Irvin. I like his prospect, but he has questionable character concerns. Will help Seattle get more pressure on opposing QBs, but I would have liked a DE that could play all three downs instead of one.

The Jets are now on the clock, should be interesting to see where they go. A lot of areas of concern, maybe they go for Decastro and move him to RT? Maybe a OLB, potentially more d-line. A lot of ways to go here.

UPDATE 7- 6:17

With Cox seemingly off the board, the Rams gambled that he may have still been there at 14. Now, they’ll have to fix the DT somewhere else, maybe they reach for DT Michael Brockers or take WR Michael Floyd if he’s still there. Maybe they go o-line with Decastro available. Not really sure what they’re thinking, maybe they’ll trade down again. They already own 3 picks in the 2nd and still have 2 future 1s from the ‘Skins in the RG3 deal.

Arizona looks like they’re taking Floyd, so I expect the rams will take Brockers or trade down.

UPDATE 6- 6:05

So the Bills take CB Stephon Gilmore from South Carolina. They need more corners for Wandestadt to play with, I guess it makes sense. Buffalo has a history of drafting CB’s early (Winnfield, Clements, McLevin).

Chiefs need a NT and take Dontari Poe, I’m not sure if he’s game ready yet. He’s big and strong, but wasn’t productive. They just need him to be a good run stuffer.

Philly has just traded up to 12 from Seattle, I’m thinking they’re going after DT Fletcher Cox.

UPDATE 5- 5:58

So the Dolphins actually drafted a QB in the 1st (not the second unlike previously drafting John Beck, Chad Henne & Pat White).

Carolina keeps the pick and drafts LB Luke Kuechly. I like this pick, will be a 10 year starter for them. Their linebackers were all hurt last year, makes a good core with Jon Beason and potentially Thomas Davis (if he’s ever healthy after multiple ACL tears).

Buffalo’s on the clock. They’re always an interesting team come draft time, they have few needs but they never go after a tackle (which has been a huge liability since trading Jason Peters).

UPDATE 4– 5:38

wow, things are getting confusing. So the draft has unfolded as such: INDY-Luck, WASH-RG3, CLE-Richardson, MIN-KALIL, JAX-Blackmon, DAL-Claiborne, TB-Barron

With Miami up next, you have to think they’re taking Tannenhill unless they trade out… the way this draft is unfolding, i wouldn’t be surprised. Already a ton of action, Carolina has got to be excited that they can either draft Fletcher Cox or trade that pick to a team that’s in love with him (tons of teams are).

UPDATE 3– 5:31

Wow, it was just announced that Dallas has traded up to St. Louis at number 6. Claiborne is still there, do they go there? Maybe Mark Barron, whom they supposedly love? Perhaps Fletcher Cox from Missisippi State for the D-line.

Side note: Florida sucks in the NFL. All 3 teams are picking in the top 8, all with new coaches too. Why does Florida have 3 teams?

UPDATE 2– 5:24

A bunch of news just came in. The report is that Minnesota is taking Matt Kalil to protect Christian Ponder, which means that Claiborne will fall to Tampa Bay at 5 right? WRONG, Jacksonville has agreed to a move to trade up to the Buccaneer’s spot to select Justin Blackmon infront of St. Louis which had their eyes on the Oklahoma St. wideout.

So what does this mean? I’m projecting the rest of the top 10 (which future trades, but they will happen)

4. Minnesota: OT Matt Kalil U$C

5. Jacksonville (via Tampa): WR Justin Blackmon Oklahoma St.

6. St. Louis: DT Fletcher Cox Mississippi St.

7. Tampa (via Jacksonville): Morris Claiborne LSU

8. Miami Dolphins: QB Ryan Tannenhill Texas A&M

9. Carolina Panthers: DT Dontari Poe Memphis

10. Buffalo Bills: LB Luke Kuechly Boston College

UPDATE 1– 4:26

Cleveland just traded up one spot, presumably to draft Alabama RB Trent Richardson. In the trade, they gave up the 4th pick in addition to their 4th, 5th and 7th rounders to Minnesota for the 3rd overall pick. While many may be confused as to why they would do this trade, Minnesota was either threatening to trade that pick to Buccaneers or maybe even draft Richardson themselves (even though they have Adrian Peterson, this fake threatening to draft someone is also known as a smokescreen).

While giving up an additional 3 picks to move up 1 spot may seem like a lot, the Browns still have 10 picks in the draft and will have plenty of ammunition to reload and challenge their divisional opponents next season. The Browns really need a RB to take the pressure off young QB Colt McCoy and Richardson is the best RB prospect since Peterson.

How does this affect the rest of the draft? Well, honestly, not much. Minnesota is effectively the wild card at this point, they can really screw Tampa Bay if they draft Morris Claiborne with the 4th pick. If they take Claiborne, the Bucs will have to decide between the best prospect available (OT Matt Kahil, but he doesn’t fit a need and they just paid Donald Penn a boatload of money), LB Luke Kuechly, WR Justin Blackmon (but they signed WR Vincent Jackson and have young Mike Williams) or to trade down.

If Minny takes Kahil (their biggest need, but they have a porous secondary), then Tampa will be relieved and be able to finally have a successor to Ronde Barber.