Baron Davis Injures Right Knee

Did the 2012 NBA Playoffs need any more injuries? We got the worst-looking one just now. Baron Davis was crippled due to a knee injury that came on a fast break with 5:15 left in the third quarter of Sunday’s game between Miami and New York. The current diagnosis is a dislocated right patella. Baron’s injury reminded me of the Shaun Livingston injury, just not as bad. Players on the court even cringed when they showed the replay of how Baron went down.

Baron Davis went down after tripping on a fast break, immediately grabbing his knee before being carried out on a stretcher. As fans chanted his name – “Baron Davis, Baron Davis” – he acknowledged and appreciated the crowd’s sentiments with a fist in the air on his way out.

The injury is an issue for the team due to its lack of point guard depth, but more importantly, could end the career of an athlete and person most of us have always liked. Since his days as a Bruin to his incredible play in Charlotte to his emphatic dunk on Kirilenko, Baron has let his game do the talking. On and off the court, he entertained while competing. In his prime, his handles were unreal, shot-creating ability on par with the best of them, and strength and athleticism for his position that was nearly unmatched.

This past season was especially tough for Davis, who joined New York after theCleveland Cavaliers used the amnesty rule on him before the season began. Some hoped he would be rejuvenated in New York, but he’s spent most of the season dealing with back injuries.

It’s a shame that injuries have made him a shadow of the player he once used to be. We’ll wait and hope the impact of the injury is not as bad as it looked.