Man City beat QPR 3-2 to win Premier League crown

I think I just witnessed the greatest, most exciting 90(+) minutes of any sport ever. Unbelievable. Quite literally!

The game seemed over. Fans were silent, and Etihad was dark. This type of finish had been seen before, with City  losing games on the final day often, ultimately allowing their red neighbors to lay claim to the trophy.

5 minutes remained, and I thought QPR was going to do the impossible and beat City. A few minutes later, City scored two goals to lead 3-2, making them the winners of the Premiership. United seemed to understand the position they were in, and did what needed to be done, win. But the football Gods had something else in mind. It’s the first time the league has been decided based off point differential.
Manchester City ended 44 years of futility thanks to Aguero’s stoppage time goal to win the Premier League title in what were the final seconds of the season. They were minutes from another final day collapse, losing 2-1 to ten man Queens Park Rangers squad.

Instead, Dzeko headed in a corner in the second minute of stoppage time. Just minutes after, Aguero persevered himself into the penalty area, and ripped a rocket past Paddy Kenny. Aguero’s $50m contract finally seemed worth it.

Never seen a final day of the season quite like that, what an absolutely wild day of results. Congrats to Man City for finally overcoming their City-itis. Certainly one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed. Not a huge Man City fan, don’t really care about them much, but sure am glad  it’s not Man U for once.

P.S. The following screen capture was hilarious. The moment Manchester United heard that Man City won the Premier League title: