Hindsight is 20/20: The 2010 NBA Redraft

Only two left, this upcoming redraft will be very interesting as most of these top picks have shown something over the past two seasons. It’ll be hard to make changes, but I’ll give it ago.

1. Washington Wizards – 2010 Pick: PG John Wall 2012 Pick: Wall – Really hard to change this pick, while Wall has had shooting problems over his two seasons, he was the runner up for Rookie of the Year to the previous year’s number 1 pick. He has averaged 16.3 points a game along with over 8 assists each season, while putting up a respectable 4 boards. A lot of his struggles lie in that he has a horrible supporting cast, but maybe a full season of Nene will help. He’s got to improve on his career 41.6% shooting.

2. Philadelphia 76ers – 2010 Pick: G/F Evan Turner 2012 Pick: Turner – While Turner has modest numbers through his first two seasons, he’s a vital part of that 76ers bench (the best in the league). Everyone expected him to be a star once he hit the league as the 2nd overall pick, but that’s not him. He’s a hyper glue player. I can’t change the pick as it’s worked for Doug Collins and crew.

Someone please notify Boogie that he’ll be playing in New Jersey according to this redraft

3. New Jersey Nets – 2010 Pick: PF Derrick Favors 2012 Pick: C Boogie Cousins – Favors is still raw, but he won’t even be playing in Brooklyn next season as he was apart of the Deron Williams trade. However, in fair examination, the Nets probably should have gone with the young C from Kentucky, Cousins. The real reason why they went with Favors over Cousins was the former’s maturity, but he’s grown in the past season after getting his coached fired. Tough call, maybe you even go with Greg Monroe who looks like a consistent 16 & 9 player in the league for the next 8 seasons.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves – 2010 Pick: SF Wesley Johnson 2012 Pick: G Gordon Hayward – Wolves GM David Kahn once again made a stupid mistake by taking Johnson. While I had doubts about Hayward (didn’t think his game would translate, and too skinny), but at least he shoots a decent percentage and looks like he’ll be a great wing player in Utah. I considered Avery Bradley due to his perimeter defense abilities, but with Rubio you need guys who’ll score on his assists and can hit the open shots.

5. Sacramento Kings – 2010 Pick: Cousins 2012 Pick: C Greg Monroe – Even if Cousins was still available, the Kings could opt for the level headed Monroe instead. He certainly wouldn’t have asked for a trade or thrown a tantrum to get Paul Westphal fired. Like I pointed out, Monroe looks like a solid big man who will be above average on both offense and defense. You can’t build a championship team around him, but if he’s your 2nd or 3rd best player you’ll be in the playoffs year in and year out.

6. Golden State Warriors – 2010 Pick: PF/C Ekpe Udoh 2012 Pick: Favors – Udoh is now in Milwaukee as a part of the Monta Ellis/Andrew Bogut trade, but he didn’t show much and was too raw to get consistent minutes for Mark Jackson this past season. Favors is also raw, but he has a way higher ceiling (as seen in the Jazz’s first round exit this playoffs), and probably a lower floor than Udoh. I will get a shoutout to Udoh though, he once retweeted me! So thanks, and Baylor rules (I guess?)

Patrick Patterson becomes the 4th former Wildcat to go in the top 7, but he probably doesn’t deserve it.

7. Detroit Pistons – 2010 Pick: Monroe 2012 Pick: F Patrick Patterson – This was probably the hardest pick I’ve had to make since doing this series, there were 3 good big men, and they’re all off the board. Detroit made a great selection with Monroe originally, and while I would contemplate another guard or SF for the Pistons, they’re already too stacked with guys like Stuckey, Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince & Austin Daye. So… Patrick Patterson, who has career averages of 12.5 points & 7.4 boards per 36 minutes gets the nod here.

8. Los Angeles Clippers – 2010 Pick: Al-Faroug Aminu 2012 Pick: SF Paul George – Aminu never got a real opportunity in Clippers, as he started just 14 games a rookie for Los Angeles. Paul George, equally as raw as Aminu, has shown more potential through 2 seasons on the Pacers and averaged 12.1 points this past season while shooting 39% from downtown. Most likely George would have been included in the CP3 deal, so I didn’t spend a ton of time contemplating this selection.

Lin goes from undrafted to top-10

9. Utah Jazz – 2010 Pick: Hayward 2012 Pick: PG Jeremy Lin – Utah, meet Linsanity! Devin Harris has been up and down during his time with the Jazz so a point who can run the pick & roll and bring back old memories of Stockton and Malone is a necessity. I will admit, Utah probably never considered a PG here since they still had Deron Williams, but this is a redraft afterall.

10. Indian Pacers – 2010 Pick: George 2012 Pick: SG Jordan Crawford – Crawford once did this to Lebron. After coming over to the Wizards in a midseason trade with Atlanta, he’s averaged 16.3 & 14.7 points in back to back seasons while only starting 50 out of a possible 90 games… Not bad at all, he’s got a ton of upside.

11. Oklahoma City Thunder – 2010 Pick: C Cole Aldrich 2012 Pick: G Avery Bradley – Aldrich has appeared in just 1.7 points over 44 games. He’s a huge developmental project. Like I previously mentioned, there aren’t a ton of high upside big men available, so I’d go with the best player available who would be Bradley at this point. He could back up either of the guards and provide lock down defense. On another note, how in the world do the Thunder always have a lottery pick?

Fields finds a good fit in Memphis

12. Memphis Grizzlies – 2010 Pick: SG Xavier Henry 2012 Pick: SG Landry Fields – Fields was an afterthought on draft day, as he slipped all the way to the 2nd round. Since joining the Knicks, he’s had an up and down career, but not to his fault. The Knicks did acquire notorious ball-hog Carmelo which evaporated Field’s minutes. Still he’s averaged 9.3 points & an amazing 5.4 boards a game. I had no idea that he got that many rebounds, thats an unusually high number from a shooting guard.

13. Toronto Raptors – 2010 Pick: PF Ed Davis 2012 Pick: Davis – the Raptors really needed a big man, and may have reached for the raw Davis. While he hasn’t put on display of offensive abilities, he’s quietly averaged 7 & 7 a game, not bad for a 22 year old.

14. Houston Rockets – 2010 Pick: Patterson 2012 Pick: PF Trevor Booker – Another difficult pick, but I’ll go with someone who’s had similar stats to Patterson. Booker began to actually start games this past season due to Andray Blatche being out of shape, and he’s holds career averages of 6.7 & 5. This is what happens when you’re 2 years removed from the draft and everyone else hasn’t proven themselves. Congrats Booker, you can play the lottery!

Yeah, not a ton to say about this draft, it looks like it’ll be very top heavy and that the best players were drafted by the end of the top 8 picks. One more left, stay tuned.