Rohit Ghosh

Well helloooooo … My name is Rohit Ghosh (most call me Ro) and I guess I’m supposed to write a bit about myself here. Rather than get into the boring aspects of my life, I’ll just state some quick tidbits about myself.  I’m a big time hoops fan, just love basketball.  I had to give up Cricket when my family moved to America in ’96, and since then it’s been all hoops. I live in Los Angeles, so I do bleed purple and gold. My all-time favorite player has got to be John Stockton; I did play the PG position back in high school.  In the league right now, I would have to say my favorite players are Z-Bo, Jamal Crawford, and some guy named Kobe. Regular season is where I get to really watch and appreciate every team and player (thank you League Pass), but when playoffs come around, it’s all about my Lakers.

I’m 22 now, finishing up my undergraduate degree, and enjoy writing in my spare time.  Pretty much, my days consist of work, talking hoops, listening to jazz or hip hop, and talking more hoops.

Favorite Movie(s) – Jurassic Park, City of God

Favorite TV Show – Seinfeld

Favorite Book(s) – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I also contribute some of my work to Stacheketball

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Colin Kennedy

Yo, so Ro asked me to be a writer. I was obviously flattered, but I was disheartened when I discovered it was only because of the color of my skin. Ro believes that I would attract more fans if brought in, so I’m here. I’m a former division 1 athlete, so don’t test me on the court. I will mess you up and I throw a ton of ‘bows (like Karl Malone fool). I’m a big sports fan, can talk pretty much about any sport but I will primarily focus on the NFL and College Football, so thats why I’m the NFL Guru around here. I’ve also been known to paint with the NBA and baseball, so expect articles in those sports to follow as well. I really pay attention to the post-season, but my favorite time of any sport is the offseason and player transactions, such as the Draft. I’m particular about my teams, as I don’t follow teams based off geography. As a former Bear, I got mad love for Cal and all Golden Bears. Expect misspellings of our rivals. Geographically, I’m interesting sports fan. Lets just say look for articles about the Packers and Celtics. My dream sports job would be a GM or a scout. My favorite players are Paul Pierce, Rondo, Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Stephen Curry, and the infamous Rick Fox. I finished undergrad and moved back to SoCal. I studied film and was a pre-law, now trying to make it down in LA.

Favorite movie (s) – Top Gun, Apocalypse Now, The Graduate

Favorite TV Show – Friday Night Lights

Favorite Books – Catcher in the Rye

I also contribute to life and try to be the nicest person I can be.

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Rohan Bhatia

Rohit told me to write a little “about me” section if I want to be an officially official MettaChronicles’ contributor, so here goes nothing (not-Drizzy voice)…

The basics: I’m 23 years old, graduated from UC Berkeley last year, currently working at a small consulting firm in Berkeley, and hoping to attend grad school in the fall in sunny southern California. Big sports fan, mostly NBA (Dubs, don’t be mean about it) and NFL (49ers, Harbaugh is my homeboy), but I do also try to keep up with my Euro soccer whenever possible (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga; refuse to watch Serie A unless it’s AC vs. Inter). Soccer, basketball, and football are my three favorite sports, unequivocally. And, by virtue of my 49ers’ San Francisco affiliation, I will hop on the Giants’ bandwagon whenever they make the playoffs and take absolutely no shame in doing so. I also try to follow the Sharks as best I can through the regular season, and whenever they’re in the playoffs for sure (I think hockey is an awesome sport, just really hard to follow that damn puck on your TV screen, even in 1080p). Aside from team sports, I really enjoy quality tennis and some of the Olympic sports as well, mostly the track-related ones and swimming.

Besides that I’m just a pretty chill, boring dude. Like hanging out with my close friends & family (whom I see a little too much of because I currently live at home, but that’s okay), and watching sports of course! I also really, really like eating chicken. Sh*t is uhm-AYYYYY-zing. But yeah, that’s about it for me, hope you guys enjoy the stuff I put up on here. I’ll try to make it as entertaining and, at times, informative as I can. Also, big shout out to my dude Rohit for getting this started, and definitely read his stuff on here whenever you can. The man is a walking basketball encyclopedia, not to mention one smart ass dude. Aight I’m done, peaaaaaaace.

Favorite Movie(s): Gladiator, The Shawshank Redemption, City of God

Favorite TV Shows(s): Dexter, The Wire, Dragonball Z (haters gone hate)

Favorite Books(s): Whole Enid Blyton collection from when I was a kid, Harry Potter series (nerd), Lord of the Rings series (nerd), Shalimar the Clown

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