Charity Fundraiser

Metta Chronicles Apparel

Here’s the goal: raise enough money to fund a whole classroom of students in India for four years.  All proceeds from purchases will go to a charity organization in India (SKB). To reach that goal, Metta Chronicles is looking to donate $1000 (by July) to the SKB organization.  Their fundamental goals and aspirations of opportunity and education fall right in line with that of Metta Chronicles.

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Unfortunately, by having the designs up at Cafe Press, Metta Chronicles will only get 2-4$ for each purchase. Each and every cent of that will go to SKB, and even though one purchase yields a little amount, it can add up to be something very meaningful.  Any act of giving, no matter how small, is worthwhile. Over time, as word gets out about this project, the hope is that the apparel will serve as a way to let people know that we’re all working towards one cause: a better world.

For every order, the buyer will receive a thank you note letting you know that you have helped SKB out.  We think you’ll also be sporting some cool apparel too. Right now, we have all types of apparel for both guys and girls, and should be adding even more in the near future. Please spread the word as this is a group effort.


Sarada Kalyan Bhandar (SKB) is a Non-profit Public Charitable Trust created by a group of likeminded women. The delighting spirit and life force of this Trust is selfless service towards the poor, the under priviledged and the backward community of our society. The inherent spirit that has drawn donors and well-wishers to stand by the organization is selfless dedication.

SKB aims at rendering service to the youth, women and children of rural India in the field of Education, Nutrition, Health and Environment. Currently this organization is running six projects. Its main target is to bring change in the society, however meager it may be.