What is Metta Chronicles?

The primary goal of this blog is to provide sports news and analysis each and every day. Reaching that goal by myself can be difficult, so I’m always looking for more writers and content. The inspiration came over a year ago when a close friend of mine suggested using Metta in the title, a comment that obviously made an impact. Feel free to e-mail [ rohit@mettachronicles.com ] with any ideas or comments.

Right now, the blog is looking to expand in a variety of ways, specifically through philanthropic efforts.  Sports is a great way to bring people together, and that is the backbone of this site.

The idea for the name comes from LA Lakers Metta World Peace [Ron Artest]: Metta, a Pali word which has been translated into English as ‘Love’. When we use the word ‘love’, we all have different ideas in the interpretation of this word, as it is a word that has been loosely used and in some cases misused. Love is a relative concept. So we use the Pali word ‘Metta’ to mean Loving-kindness – not the ordinary, sensual, emotional, sentimental kind of love.